Taking a Look At: Good Fight

Ever since I heard Lori McKenna’s album “The Tree”, I’ve been a massive fan. Her songs are extremely down to earth and intimate. When I heard she released a new single called “Good Fight”, I knew I had to listen to it on repeat for a good hour.

“Good Fight” is a song dealing with the marriage and the usual ups and downs a couple will face. Lori starts the song off with her and her husband angry at one another over some issue that transpired. They’re both so angry with one another that neither is determined to let the other one “win”. Until one little action changes the whole entire mood.

Then your knee touches mine

And I can’t help but smile

Yes, all it took was when his knee touched hers to remind her why they continue to go through all the highs and lows of marriage. This is where the chorus takes off and explains what all this is for and why they keep on fighting the “Good Fight”.

In the second verse, Lori explains how falling in love, letting go, and even quitting is the easy stuff. Yet it makes it very clear that a couple is going to need to be stubborn in order to make it work. Then the chorus takes off again showing the whole point of marriage.

It’s a beautiful and very intimate song, that reminds us, marriage isn’t easy. It’s not supposed to be and it’s not for the weak. There are gonna be really hard days where you may wonder “Why did I marry this person?”, and Lori knows that. However, she reminds us that a couple needs to work together to make things right. True love is taking the bad with the good and making it work. 

One comment

  1. Another great read on Lori McKenna, great song and I like her too! What insight you give and it is done with feeling and not criticism, that’s rare. I hope she will read or hear of your post, you did her well on this and your understanding of the song. Blessings!


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