Jesse Daniel Rollin’ On Album Review

Country music has been having an identity crisis for a while now as it moves away from its roots to something that sounds like bargain bin pop/hip hop. To fans that have been around a while, this is rather disappointing. We no longer hear that sound we come to love being played on country radio. This has caused us to start digging around hoping to find a diamond in the rough. And I think I may have found myself a diamond.

Let me introduce you to California native Jesse Daniel and his Bakersfield sound. I came across Jesse during an interview he had on GimmeCountry in regards to his newest album. Rollin’ On is Daniel’s second album and was released on March 27, 2020. Yes, I know I am over two months late but I got preoccupied with some other things (Gaming). However, it’s like they always say “Better late than never.”.

With that said, Rollin’ On is a great album that I can’t recommend enough. This is some pure Bakersfield sound through and through and you ain’t gonna get tired of it. I’ve listened to the entire album about four times by now with certain songs on repeat. I even find myself going back to my favorites when I’m doing other things. Daniel managed to give us an album that sticks true to its roots but still manages to make it his own. There is also something nostalgic about this album…Maybe I just have not heard a real country sounding album in a while or there is something there. I’m just reminded of artists of yesteryear that helped define the Bakersfield sound. I believe Jesse belongs right up there with them and I look forward to hearing more from this up-and-coming star.

According to his website, Rollin’ On is an autobiographical album where Jesse shines a light on his darker days. He wanted this album to be his step forward from the life he used to live while keeping to the tradition of country music made in his hometown. This gives a real sense of intimacy within his music. Each song is something personal about Jesse’s life and I believe that makes for a great country album. You’re not gonna get many country albums like this played on the radio station. It’s a deeply personal album that listeners are going to enjoy and may even relate strongly too. I cannot wait to hear more from Jesse Daniel as he has made my list of artists to follow.

 Rollin’ On is a great album that is very traditional when it comes to the Bakersfield sound. It’s extremely fresh when country music today is not exactly something Hank would be proud of. However, Hank sure would have been proud of Jesse Daniel. So, go grab your favorite drink, relax and give Rollin’ On a listen. I don’t believe you’ll regret it.

You can check his album out on Spotify and Apple Music:

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  1. Excellent feedback on Jesse Daniel! He is bringing REAL country back as we all know and love. The roots of country music are the ones who are in heavens choir now, but there are still ones here that as beginners sang with those who have gone on. So glad Jesse is continuing with the legends, country music should never try and compete with what is claimed to be country today, sad, sad, sad. Real is the best way to sell anything, not made up or pretending, be TRUE to the music and yourself just as this reviewer, writer music lover grasped the REALNESS and TRUTH of country music! Can’t wait for your next post, knock it out of park!


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