Why I Love Tammy Wynette

So, making Top 10’s is incredibly hard when it comes to Country artists. Every time I try to place my favorite artists, I begin to reorganize the list. Pretty sure many people have been there and if you haven’t, you’re lucky. Instead of making top list in one post, I’m going to make individual entries for my 10 favorites. There is no order to them, it’s just whoever I decide to talk about that day. Each post will consist of what makes them a favorite of mine and I will include my top 5 favorite songs from them (top 5 songs is easier). These posts will be called “Why I Love…”. Alright let’s start this blog off talking about the embodiment of pain and strength…Tammy Wynette.

Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images

My introduction to Country music was early 2000’s and early 2010’s country music. I never took the time to delve into the classics besides Patsy Cline and a few others. Around the time Bro-country was really taking off, I lost interest in the genre as a whole. It wasn’t until last year when I started listening again. I was glad to see new talent bring back the country I grew up on. That’s when I finally decided to listen to more of the Greats. Tammy Wynette was among them and I have never looked back.

From the moment I listened to ‘I Don’t Want to Play House’, I was hooked. Her music spoke to me in such a way that I’ve never felt before. It wasn’t just sad music, but painful music. Songs that cut deeper than any knife ever could. I was stunned at just how powerful her music was. I know Country music is full of sad songs, but Tammy Wynette and her music is on a whole other level.

Now here’s the kicker despite being full of pain her music is strong. The listener knows she is hurting deeply but Tammy is far from a weak woman. Despite all the hardships she faced, she still stood tall. Her music is human and it’s truly something to behold. Tammy Wynette reminds us that life isn’t easy and it’s very painful, but that is life. Life is extremely difficult and can tear us down, yet we got to get back in control and we will.

Top 5 Favorite Tammy Wynette Songs

I Don’t Want to Play House
Til I Can Make it on My Own
Stand by Your Man
Till I Get It Right

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  1. What a wonderful treat to read something about another person with REAL heartfelt caring. It was clean, fresh and giving. Bringing a “great” back to memory, how honorable. Truly enjoyed your blog and will look forward to the next, I’m taken back by your remembrance, thank you!


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